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Checklist: Before Your Salon Appointment

To find the hair style and color that's right for you, there are a few tips you should know.  When you are looking at pictures, choose a style or hair color on someone who has a complexion and facial shape similar to yours.  With your complexion and facial shape as a starting point, find a picture of someone's hair color, with that individuals skin tone in the same neighborhood as your own, and be sure to bring this photo with you into the salon.  Start with small changes, you may not have to do much to your look besides starting with a few highlights.  Once you decide on a plan for hair color, make sure you know the maintenance required and commit to it.
"Blonde-orexia" happens when you keep going lighter and lighter.  Not every blonde should be ultra-pale or "ashy" due to their skin tone.  On the opposite side of that scenario, go darker with caution.  Make sure you want the change, and know why you want it.  Drastically changing your hair color two days after a life changing event or break-up is usually not the best time.
Before your visit to the salon, here are a few hints and tips to make your salon visit a successful one.

  1. Fill out the "Art of Consultation" guest survey so that I can get an initial sense of your hair goals and daily styling routine. This process will only take a few moments, and can make the in-salon consultation much thorough. At the bottom of the survey you have the option of attaching a photo, either a previous photo of yourself, or a celebrity that you would like to have a similar hair style as.

  2. Always go to your color appointment with your hair freshly cleansed, conditioned and dry. If you arrive to your appointment with soiled hair with product in it, an additional charge may be added to cleanse and condition the hair before your color service. When prepping at home, in-salon results are guaranteed if you use L'anza Clarifying Shampo to removed unwanted impurities, minerals and product buildup and follow up with Redken Acidic Bonding Conditioner. These products are available for sale in-salon and in our online store. Then dry your hair (or air-dry if you prefer) and then you're ready for color.

  3. Read the "Guide to Fade Proof Hair Color" and the "Beauty Terminology" pages listed under the Educational Guide tab above before your salon visit.  The better educated you are, the better we are going to be able to communicate.

  4. Please use as much detail as you can.  Pictures are a great way of making sure we are on the same page, which is why this feature has been added to the "Art of Consultation" survey. You have the option of uploading three photographs. If you prefer to use more as examples, please bring them with you to your appointment.

  5. If you plan to receive a corrective or transition hair color service, please allow additional time in your schedule, as we may need to remove the old, unwanted hair color and then re-color your hair. The "Art of Consultation" survey is required prior to scheduling a corrective or transition color service.

  6. In order to guarantee the condition of your hair, be prepared to discuss the chemical services you've had in the past. (This may include demi- or semi-permanent hair color that has faded from the hair. Even though the effect/color of the color is gone, the chemical effect is not.)

  7. Please ask questions.  If you do not understand, or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask "why?"

  8. Trust me.  In order to receive the best outcome for you - the condition of your hair, facial features, and skin tone are all a factor in the overall best look for your hair style and color.  A salon professional is best able to tell you if you can "pull off" the pale blonde with that reddish complexion, or need some fringe to hide a longer forehead.

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